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Generic Commands

These are commands which should be available in every instance of BUTool, regardless of what plugins are installed. Additional features which are plugin-based are documented here where appropriate. Command aliases are specified in parentheses.


add_dev_ofile filename <device#> <stream#>

Send device output to a file (in addition to standard output). If device# is not specified, affects all devices. Use list to list connected devices. stream# specifies the stream to write to the output file. If this is not specified, the Level::INFO stream will be written. The user can specify the following integer values to indicate different streams to write:

  • 0: Level::INFO
  • 1: Level::DEBUG
  • 2: Level::ERROR

Note that any other stream# value will raise a BAD_ARGS exception.


add_device <type> <args>

Add a new device and make it active. <args> are specific to the device type.

Generic IPBus Devices

add_device GENERICIPBUS <connection_file> [<device ID>]

Add a generic IPBus device. Specify the filename of the connection file, and optionally the device ID. If the device ID is not specified, currently defaults (not very helpfully) to test.0.

ApolloSM Device

add_device APOLLOSM <connection_file> [<device ID>]

Add an ApolloSM device. Usage is identical to that of a GenericIPBus device.


add_device IPMISOL <IP_address>

Add an IPMISOL device. Specify the IP address of the device with which to open an IPMI SOL connection.


add_lib /path/to/libBUTool_<Device>.so

Add a device class library. Specify the path to the relevant shared object library. Once added, the library will be used when a new device of that type is added via the add_device command. Current device library names are as follows:



echo foo

Echo text to screen.


Exits the BUTool CLI application.

help (h)

help [<command>]

List commands. Specify a command for additional info and usage.

include (load)

Read a script file.


Lists all devices currently connected.

quit (q)

Exits the BUTool CLI application.


select <device number>

Switch the active device.


sleep <integer number of seconds>

Delay in seconds.


verbose <integer level>

Change the print level for exceptions (9 == all).